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We are honored that you are considering Calvary Episcopal School as a partner in your child’s education.

At Calvary, we adhere to the motto, "Terra Irradient--Let them give light to the world." Our actions are grounded in ensuring that our students are provided with every opportunity and encouraged to share their light with the world around them.

Each day, students take part in meaningful learning. From engaging classrooms, morning devotions, community service, and to the program that pairs our older and younger students, our children learn to look beyond themselves and to consider the viewpoints and feelings of others.

​Through rigorous academics, athletics, arts, and religion, our students learn to take responsibility and collaborate with their peers, to take risks, and to strive for their best even when the challenge seems daunting. Our children are growing up in an interconnected world, and we embrace the strength that comes from a community that is both inclusive and diverse, and all children feel valued and respected, and can flourish with a passion for learning.

We welcome you to explore what makes our school such a great learning environment for children.


Catherine Bohot

Calvary Episcopal Head of School