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Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund allow Calvary Episcopal School to continue to meet strategic goals—including continuing to enhance the student experience, maintaining competitive salaries for our talented faculty and staff, and building a diverse global community while providing a potential tax benefit for donors.

 The school encourages donors to participate by contributing according to financial capability. Donors with the capacity to do so are encouraged to make leadership gifts. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Our fiscal year closes on June 30. 

  • Bridging the gap between tuition and fees and the day-to-day operational expenses. Works towards balancing our budget. 
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You may donate online via PayPal to support CES. 


This year tuition at Calvary Episcopal covers 85% of the cost to educate our students. We rely on philanthropic support from our community to fund the remaining 15% of the operating expenses. The deficit or gap between the cost and tuition and fees is approximately $900 per student. Your investment in the Annual Fund supports all areas of the school’s operations: faculty and administration salaries, academic programs, technology enhancements, utility bills, facilities, curriculum, and much more.

These funds are strictly used to balance our standard operating budget. Our goal of $120,000 does not include "unexpected" maintenance or repairs. It also does not include capital projects such as the building of new classrooms

Everyone in the Calvary Episcopal community – parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff and the Board of Trustees, and parishioners. Once again this year, 100% of the Board of Trustees contributed to the Annual Fund!

Every gift is important and appreciated, no matter the size. High participation represents a vote of confidence from our community and has an impact on gifts from outside sources, such as grants and foundations, which consider participation levels as they decide on granting funds to a school.

Yes, you will be mailed a tax acknowledgement card for tax purposes after the funds have been received by the school.

Almost every private school in the country has an Annual Fund. Augmenting tuition with the Annual Fund allows our school to keep a Calvary education affordable for a wider range of families. This in turn, brings all of our students the many benefits of social and economic diversity – one of Calvary’s core values.

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs and will match certain charitable contributions made by their employees. Please check with your human resources department to see if they will match your gift. The impact of your gift to Calvary may be doubled or even tripled!

We are a parish school of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. The by-laws do not allow us to obtain any debt or loans.

Yes, if the stock is publicly traded in an active market.

Augmenting tuition with the Annual Fund allows the school to keep this excellent educational opportunity affordable for a wider range of families, bringing all students the many benefits of social and economic diversity.


The church parishioners, school teachers and administrators, parents, other family of students, alumni, Spring Fling, Amazon Smile, and Family Dinners.

Yes, in the past we have had grandparents, aunts/uncles, and friends of CES students donate. If you need additional pledge cards or a copy of the flyer, please visit our main office.